Preventive Maintenance

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ASFIN INTERNACIONAL has Flocculant Preparation Equipment (EPF) installed in different mineral benefit plants in Mexico. It is important to carry out preventive maintenance on this equipment in order to guarantee its correct and continuous operation.

The client asked us for immediate intervention to provide service to his two EPF’s which were in critical condition.

Solution and Results

Without delay, the following activities were carried out:

  • De-energization of the Flocculant Preparation Equipment and emptying of the tanks
  • Review and cleaning of control cabinets
  • Inspection and cleaning of the cone, ejector, flowmeter, worm motor, booster pump, pipes and valves, of the humidification unit
  • Interior and exterior cleaning of the Flocculant Preparation Equipment tanks, as well as the gear motors, agitators and level electrodes
  • Operation and performance tests

The equipment was delivered in record time ready to operate for a minimum period of 12 months under normal operating conditions.


  • Garantizar la preparación correcta del polímero
  • Asegurar la operación de la planta con floculante
  • Identificar y prevenir posibles problemas con los equipos
  • Brindar mayor tiempo de vida útil a los EPF´s

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