Flake soda preparation equipment

    • Mining


The client required to neutralize the acid gases emitted into the atmosphere.

To do this, it was necessary to wash them with an alkaline solution with a minimum pH of 8.0 to neutralize them.

They had enabled a manual neutralization system for acidulated water for gas washing. Both the preparation of caustic soda and its dosage were done manually. This caused many variations without achieving the required results.

Solution and Results

An Automatic Caustic Soda Flake Solution Preparation Equipment was designed, manufactured and installed with a dosing system linked to the pH sensor located in the acidified solution.

The concentration of the caustic soda solution prepared at 2% is fully automatic and exact, as is the control of the pre-established pH at a value of 8.0 with a variation of ±0.1.


  • Guarantee a continuous and precise emission of neutralized gases into the atmosphere
  • Preparation and dosing are fully automatic
  • The personnel required and the risk of an accident are minimal.
  • Control in the consumption of caustic soda