John Cockerill

Our clients are our partners.

Our ambition is to be by their sides and to guarantee them solutions which meet their expectations, including when problems arise.

This is why John Cockerill Energy offers a range of technical services and of advice. The objective is to analyze and understand the needs of our clients, be at their sides to reflect on the most pertinent solutions, anticipate, identify problems and resolve them, modernize… And innovate together.

Made to measure
technical services

Our teams provide all the technical
services associated with the products they

Boiler inspections
with a view to a diagnostic
and a suitable
plan of action.

Dry cleaning of boilers
to improve the efficiency
of the equipment and avoid
all risk of corrosion or
damage to the tubes.

Estimation of the length of life of
boilers by an analysis of the
operational parameters, reproductions,
inspections, calculation
diagnostics and evolutions.

Boiler Stress Evaluator,
on-line monitoring and surveillance
of heat recuperation boilers,
guaranteeing a reliable
diagnostic and a
personalized plan of action.

Supervision of the execution
of repair works or
proposals for
turnkey solutions.

A durable approach
to equipment

John Cockerill Energy is at its clients’ sides in their equipment modernization projects and assists them in cases of necessary repairs. We take charge of:

● The re-engineering of old models of recuperation boilers of all makes;
● Improvements to the pressurized parts to mitigate recurrent faults observed on recuperation boilers not designed in our factories;
● The engineering and assembly of specific equipment for recuperation boilers in operation (addition of SCR, burners, lifts, sweeps etc.);
● Upgrades to gas turbines, process modifications, thermal performance calculations, personalized services for feasibility studies etc;
● Seismic calculations;
● Pipework flexibility and resistance calculations;
● The supply of spare parts and the replacement of original spare parts;
● Recommendations for improving storage;
● Personalized solutions for parts replacement.

Boiler’s inspection is a work of expertise whose main objective is to make an inventory of the boiler in order to evaluate its behavior, to detect existing anomalies, to define the origin of the problems and to decide on the future actions that will be required from the point of view of maintenance, improvement and replacement during the scheduled shutdowns of the installation.

John Cockerill examines, verifies, analyses, explains, defines solutions, implements them in agreement with the customer and anticipates how future problems can be avoided through consultancy.

Heavy repairs and revamping consist of the replacement and/or consequent improvements of essential boiler parts such as pressurized parts, ducts behind the turbine, essential elements for improving performance such as burners or flue gas containment casing.

The modernization of these equipment therefore makes it possible to improve the heat recovery of these boilers. This makes it possible to make these installations profitable and thus meet the changing needs of the customer in terms of energy production, stability, reliability and optimization of operating and maintenance costs.

The carbon dioxide pellet cleaning process removes deposits on winged tubes that are due to boiler operations. CO2 cleaning allows the heat exchangers, which are the lung that generates the steam necessary for energy production, to recover their cleanliness thanks to an efficient process that does not involve water, a source of corrosive acidic formations, and does not generate waste compared to other cleaning methods.

This branch of the after sales consists of targeted repairs to certain parts of the boiler. Indeed, parts must sometimes be replaced because they are linked to leaks, lack of reliability, failure of expansion joints, etc. and therefore require replacement or improvement. These interventions often require engineering with the implementation of proven solutions thanks to experienced teams of welders and assemblers who can answer urgently to the customer’s request, thus avoiding operating losses.

John Cockerill is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality, original spare parts in a timely manner. This can be in the context of a rapid need or in the context of a framework agreement that pre-determines the requirements for normal wear parts or strategic parts reserves.

Consist of on-site engineering studies, such as investigations and measurements to estimate the residual life of the boilers, implement upgrades, repairs, replace certain essential elements that will extend the life of the installation, respond to turbine upgrades or changes in the operational mode of combined cycles.

In the context of Industry 4.0, the current trend is towards the digitization of inspections, the implementation of remote monitoring of the behavior parameters of essential, sensitive boiler components. This will allow traceability and effective advice to the customer. The retrofit feasibility studies will be facilitated by the use of drones.